Skateboarders Utopia

Skate 3

You would think that after flying around and beating up alien douche bags, that skateboarding would offer no excitement. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The bus ride in to the city felt let it took forever, almost like waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw the “Welcome to Port Carverton” sign. Something amusing about a billboard that’s basically a giant postcard to a skaters utopia.

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My Second Hiatus

So it has been MANY MONTHS since my last post on here. My wife was entering the later months of pregnancy and we we finishing up everything in preparation of our daughters arrival.

I am happy to say that she arrived on April 22nd! Healthy and adorable!

I will resume posting new blog posts very soon,

Dragon! Dragon! Rock The Dragon!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

SPOILER ALERT: Some story spoilers ahead!

I swear, my travel plans get more sidetracked than Quinn Mallory’s. Not two minutes after I finally get a shave and a haircut, a white light surrounded me, and dropped me on my ass somewhere very unexpected. I was somehow at the pod landing site from the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. There I was, face to face with Raditz about to kill Goku!

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Nothing Like That One Will Smith Movie

Red Dead Redemption (Online)

So, it’s been a while (insert dated Staind joke here). Not long after surviving a plane crash, then escaping a freaking zombie apocalypse, I manage to get sidelined by Vertigo. I was sidelined by a medical issue that shares a name with a freaking U2 song!

Once I was healthy and not dizzy enough to travel, I continued my way to Texas. I wanted a western experience, and will damn well have it!

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When There’s No More Room In Hell…

State of Decay

My flight back to the states was pretty relaxing. So imagine my surprise to be woken by extremely rough turbulence and the captain over the loudspeaker. He explained that we were experiencing mechanical issues and needed to make an emergency landing. Everybody fastened their seat belts and prepared for the worst.The captain found an open field and began to attempt to land. As the sound of the wheels ripping off the plane erupted, I was knocked unconscious by my head slamming off the seat in front of me.

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Shreddin’ The Gnar!

Steep Open Beta

I was more than elated to be on my flight heading to the Alps. After the insanity in New York, I felt that I needed a fun trip involving snow (The weather kind, not the Tony Montana kind!). As we approached Los Santos International Airport for our layover, I looked out the window to see some pretty snowy conditions. Before letting everyone exit the flight, one of the flight attendants made an announcement that all outgoing flights were postponed for 24 hours due to inclement weather.

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Empire State Of Mind

Tom Clancy’s The Division

SPOILER ALERT – Some story spoilers ahead

It was only a matter of time of traveling through different video game locales before things went to shit. I was still in Brooklyn when the “Dollar Flu” (a modified version of smallpox transmitted on cash on Black Friday) hit and New York was plunged into chaos. When the initial chaos broke out, I hid in the apartment I was renting. In all of my travels, I’ve never been in a situation like this and I was admittedly pretty damned scared. Especially after hearing a gun go off in the building I was in. After several days of hiding out, I was almost out of food and needed to find help.

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Greetings from Los Santos

Grand Theft Auto Online

So, the ability to take a hot shower whenever you want is nice. You don’t realize how much you miss taking them until that is not an option. With that thought in mind, I decided my next trip would be to a more modern destination. A place where I didn’t need to use an outhouse, and maybe get some booze that I can drink without fear of going blind. Los Santos seemed like the place for a little bit of everything I wanted. With so much diverse scenery, I can go from partying in the city, to climbing a mountain, to skydiving in the desert without traveling too far. How does that saying go? “Variety is the spice of life.”

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Welcome To Albion

Fable 2

Want to know something I enjoy more than a trip to an amusement park? The Renaissance Faire. The music, shows, costumes, games, and food… Ah, the food. Turkey legs and mead! That combo of food and drink tops anything you’ll find at any amusement park. Amusement parks may let you shoot water guns and buy trinkets, while Ren Faires let you shoot bows and buy weapons. With this in mind, I decided I would leave the post apocalyptic playground Nuka-World for a more medieval getaway.

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